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The outbreak of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) pandemic quickly surges throughout the world including Bangladesh from the beginning of 2020. To challenge the present detrimental situations, many countries are approving several preventive measures, e.g., international travel bans, isolated office activities, country lockdown, and most importantly social distancing, even though some medications are prescribed in some extent. The government of Bangladesh also took various preventive measures to limit the thunder of corona virus disease 20019 (COVID-19) pandemic. But, the actions are not adequate to face the challenges of COVID-19 in Bangladesh, particularly in the capital city Dhaka, remarkably because of the lower-middle-income economy with one of the world’s densest populations. In Dhaka city, based on the present populations, social distancing is difficult, and with the nominal resources it would be extremely challenging to implement the mitigation measures of COVID-19. Mobile sanitization facilities, temporary quarantine sites and healthcare facilities could help to improve the pandemic effect. A rapid, caring, and empathic collaboration between the government, citizens, and health experts, along with international assistance, can enable the country to minimize the impact of the pandemic. In this review, we summarize the occurrence (RT-PCR based test) and present scenarios of COVID-19 outbreak in Bangladesh, particularly in the Dhaka city analyzing available data in July and August’2020.

SARS-CoV-2, COVID-19, pandemic, Dhaka, Bangladesh

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SIDDIKA, A., PARVEZ, S. M. M., RAHMAN, M. A., KHATUN, L., SULTANA, A., MAHAL, Z., & ZAHID, H. M. (2021). THE SCENARIOS OF COVID-19 PANDEMIC IN BANGLADESH: ANALYSIS OF DATA IN JULY ANDAUGUST’2020. Asian Journal of Advances in Medical Science, 3(4), 67-72. Retrieved from
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