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The CADD includes the combined use of modern computational and experimental techniques which provide structural information about the biologically active molecules. These molecules are involved in disease process and in modulating disease process. The processes of CADD methods are dependent on Bioinformatics tools, applications and database.

The present Review article highlights how the modern computational and experimental techniques that have been developed in recent years can be used together to provide structural information about the biologically active molecules that are involved in disease process and in modulating disease process in Special focus to Drug designing for COVID 19 by virtual Screening.

Out Put of the article: The present article may be one tool for new drug development against corona Virus.

Bioinformatics, molecular biology, combinatorial chemistry, isolaton, nomenclature

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RAY, B., PANIGRAHI, A. K., DUTTA, S., & GOCHAYAT, M. (2021). COMPUTER AIDED DRUG DESIGN: TOOLS TO DEVELOP DRUG FOR COVID 19. Asian Journal of Advances in Medical Science, 3(4), 127-146. Retrieved from
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