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The advent of corona virus disease 2019 (COVID-19) has caused confusion, changed people's living conditions, including commuting restrictions, fear of disease transmission, The corona virus is  "Aladdin's meracle lamp" for lungs cancer, this is a huge curse for lung cancer patients. As the Root of entry of Virus is Respiratory tract,Complicaion arises in lungs.

The risk of chemotherapy-related infections increases for such patients.  "Targeted therapy is generally safe while the potential interaction between immunotherapy and COVID-19 remains unknown at present”. The Present article focus on Different Immunological fact related to COVID-19 and Physiological degradation of Lungs by Corona Virus and Effect on Lung cancer.

Corona virus, chemotherapy, malignancy, infection, physiology, pathogenesis

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RAY, B., DASH, S. N., PUROHIT, S., & PRADHAN, S. (2021). COVID-19 : EFFECT ON LUNG CANCER PROGRESS. Asian Journal of Advances in Medical Science, 3(4), 159-168. Retrieved from
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