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Fenvalerate is a pyrethroid insecticide that is employed in agriculture to combat a variety of pests. The goal of this study was to see how fenvalerate affected various organs of Channa punctata. Light microscopy was used to examine the histology of fenvalerate, a synthetic insecticide, onto the kidney, liver, muscle cells, and skeletal muscle tissues of Channa punctata, an Indian large carp species. For 10 days, the fish were subjected to sub-lethal quantities of fenvalerate,(0.6 ppb and 0.3 ppb). The tissues in the control group were normal. Vacuolization (V) was Observed in most tubules, renal tubule damage (DRT), Glomerular atrophy (GA), Increased Bowman's space (IBS), necrosis (N), and Pycknotic Nuclei (PN), these degenerative variations were seen in the kidney of pesticide-treated fish. Several alterations were found in the skeletal muscle of fish treated with pesticides. The pathological outcomes include vacuolar degeneration in muscle fiber, splitting in muscle fiber, degeneration in muscle fiber were seen.

The current study demonstrates its toxicity concerning the organ damage caused by fenvalerate. Fenvalerate concentrations in natural conditions were lower than those employed in this investigation, but continued use of the pesticide may lead to the concentrations used in the experiment.

Bowman's space, necrosis, pycknotic nuclei, degenerative variations, kidney of pesticide-treated fish

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SINGH, P., PANDEY, R. K., YADAV, D., & AIJAZ, A. (2021). HISTOPATHOLOGY OF FENVALERATE ON TISSUES (HEPATIC, RENAL, & SKELETAL MUSCLE) OF Channa punctata. UTTAR PRADESH JOURNAL OF ZOOLOGY, 42(23), 107-114. Retrieved from http://mbimph.com/index.php/UPJOZ/article/view/2617
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