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The efficacy of Hylocereus undatus fruits supplementation in hematological profile against paracetamol intoxicated freshwater fish Labeo rohita juvenile was investigated. Possible effects of Hylocereus undatus fruits were observed in a freshwater fish Labeo rohita Juveniles of test fish were treated with paracetamol and analysis in Hematological parameters including haemoglobin (Hb), white blood cell (WBC) count, Red Blood Cell (RBC) count, Packed Cell Volume (PCV), Mean corpuscular haemoglobin (MCH), Mean Corpuscular Volume (MCV), Mean Corpuscular Haemoglobin Concentration (MCHC) were analysed. The results indicated that paracetamol treated fish had drastic hematological changes in their blood, revealing paracetamol toxicity. On supplementation of Hylocereus undatus fruits to paracetamol treated group restored the hematological parameters indicated the Hylocereus undatus fruit nullified the toxicity of paracetamol.

Hylocereus undatus fruits, Labeo rohita, hematological profile, paracetamol

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KAMATCHI, K., & RAVICHELVAN, R. (2021). EFFICACY OF Hylocereus undatus FRUITS SUPPLEMENTATION IN HEMATOLOGICAL PROFILE AGAINST PARACETAMOL INTOXICATED Labeo rohita. UTTAR PRADESH JOURNAL OF ZOOLOGY, 42(23), 186-190. Retrieved from http://mbimph.com/index.php/UPJOZ/article/view/2629
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