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The intense research on marine sources have brought many potential candidates that spanning variety of industries such as baking, brewing, wine, bioethanol and pharmaceutical protein production. However, only little attention has been given to marine yeasts. The present study aimed to isolate the marine soil yeasts for the production of industrially important enzymes. Soil samples were collected from Dhanushkodi (9.152011°N 79.445851°E), Ramanathapuram District. Tamilnadu was collected and screened for physiochemical parameters such as electron conductivity nitrogen, total phosphorous, total potassium, total calcium, magnesium, zinc, copper, iron and manganese and organic carbon etc., The yeast strains were isolated from the soil using yeast mannitol agar medium and biochemically they were identified. Screening for industrially important enzymes such as amylase, extracellular and L-asparaginase was done. The marine soil samples showed pH as 7.89 and the physiochemical properties similar to the previous studies. Totally six different types of yeast were isolated and showed white, red, yellow, white creamy and pale yellow pigmentation respectively. They were identified biochemically. The Saccharomycese sp. produced all of the three enzymes viz., amylase, L-Asparaginase and protease. Edomycosis sp. showed L-Asparaginase production activity only. The L-Asparaginase enzyme is produced by yeast strain of 2.4 IU/ml of Endomycosis sp. 2.8 IU/ml of Saccharomyces sp. and S.cerevisiae of 5.6 IU/ml. The isolated marine yeasts have great potential to be applied in various industries.

Marine yeast, industry important enzymes, enzyme production, food science, environment biology

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