Accessory Splenic Torsion is a Rare Cause of Acute Abdomen: A Case Report and Literature Review


Published: 2023-04-22

Page: 47-52

Seyfi Emir *

Department of General Surgery, Reyap Hospital, Tekirdağ, Türkiye.

Selim Sözen

Sözen Surgery Clinic, İstanbul, Türkiye.

İlhan Bali

Department of Genaral Surgery, Namık Kemal University, Tekirdağ, Türkiye.

*Author to whom correspondence should be addressed.


Background: Accessory splenic torsion is an extremely rare condition. Torsion of the accessory spleen may lead to symptoms of acute abdominal pain with accompanying nausea, vomiting, and fever. Without treatment, torsion can lead to significant complications including hemorrhagic shock, peritonitis or rupture.

Case Presentation: A 47-year-old female patient was admitted to our hospital with complaints of nausea, vomiting and abdominal pain. An intra-abdominal mass was detected in the imaging findings. The patient was taken into surgery. Torsioned giant accessory spleen was detected. Splenectomy was performed and the patient was discharged at the postoperative second day.

Conclusion: In cases with giant accessory spleen, prophylactic splenectomy can be considered in order to avoid possible complications such as torsion, spontaneous rupture, hemorrhage, peritonitis and intestinal obstruction.

Keywords: accessory spleen, splenectomy, torsion of spleen

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