Published: 2021-08-24

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Globally every higher educational institution and mega corporate entities are in the process of Open Innovation, searching for new ideas everywhere. There are many contests and challenges being organized by institutions to motivate younger brains to think far and wide to get great ideas with potential impact that will have a chance to be made into a reality. Adding to the constraint, is the lull in employment opportunities in industry, students are channeled into entrepreneurial paths so that they can take onus of bringing their education, learning, creativity and project management skills, to make their dream of product or service become implementable as a economic livelihood activity. Bringing new ideas to make agriculture prosper requires an outsider perspective. The United Nations in its Agenda 2030 for people, planet, prosperity, peace and partnership has specified in its Sustainable Development Goal 2 that to End hunger, achieve food security and improve nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture. Taking this a vital goal, the following work aims to derive an Out-of-box elaboration, with a multi-disciplinary approach applied so as to evolve with many ideas that can profiteer the process, produce, product and service that is associated with agriculture. When the need is to make an idea become materialized, a prolonged iterative process of brainstorming with experts in the relevant field has been undergone to evolve a template for the selection criteria that can sieve the ideas and be a ready reckoner implementable in the field of agriculture. This paper attempts to go through the process of ideation in agriculture, instilling new mushrooming ideas, even as the references are still evolving with emerging technologies, and tranquil in formation. Precision agriculture is beyond modernisations that are happening in agriculture today. Telematics, Nano culture, chromosomal researches, etc., are some to be mentioned. In all means every bio system has place for plants, animals and microbial species to live and cherish its being, the scope of this paper paves wave to include and involve integrated farming in future.

Keywords: Ideas, innovation, creativity, agriculture, digital technology, idea evaluation

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