Published: 2021-09-20

Page: 1003-1010


Department of Aquaculture, College of Fisheries, MPUAT, Udaipur- 313001 (Raj), India.


Department of Aquatic Environment Management, College of Fisheries, MPUAT, Udaipur- 313001 (Raj), India.


Department of Aquaculture and Dean, College of Fisheries, MPUAT, Udaipur- 313001 (Raj), India.


Department of Agriculture Statistics and Computer Application, Rajasthan College of Agriculture, MPUAT, Udaipur- 313001 (Raj), India.

*Author to whom correspondence should be addressed.


Water quality of Anasagar lake was studied for period of four months on the basis of fortnightly sampling. This study has provided the first data set for water quality of lake. The value of various physico-chemical parameter were temperature (24.50°C to 33.90°C), pH (7.9 to 8.2), electrical conductivity (2.07 to 2.49 mS/cm), dissolved oxygen (7.53 to 8.73 mgL-1), alkalinity (101 to 109 mgL-1), Hardness (121 to 150 mgL-1), total dissolved solid (1344.00 to 1617.00 mgL-1), nitrate (0.88 mg L-1 to 1.02 mgL-1), phosphate (0.67 mgL-1 to 0.76 mgL-1), depth of visibility during the study period was 48.92 cm. Anthropogenic stressors such as disposal of raw sewage and municipal wastewater, input of detergents due to washing of clothes and bathing, inputs of pesticides and chemical fertilizers due to unsustainable agriculture, aquaculture and horticulture, and urban settlement have forced the lake into the severely polluted and hyper-eutrophic condition.

Keywords: Water quality, electrical conductivity, anthropogenic stressors, pollution

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