Published: 2021-09-23

Page: 1011-1017


Department of Animal Science, University of Abuja, Gwagwalada, Nigeria.


Department of Animal Science, University of Abuja, Gwagwalada, Nigeria.


Department of Animal Science, University of Abuja, Gwagwalada, Nigeria.

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The aim of this experiment was to evaluate the proximate, mineral, vitamin and amino acid composition of Prosopis africana seed oil (PASO). The proximate revealed the presence of moisture (5.62%), crude protein (30.71 %), crude fibre (6.47%), ash (5.08%) and energy (383.26 Kcal/g). Mineral analysis of PASO showed that it contains calcium, potassium, potassium, magnesium, sodium, manganese, zinc, copper and iron at 403.8 mg/100g, 606.1 mg/100g, 142.8 mg/100g, 281.3 mg/100g, 101.7 mg/100g, 38.56 mg/100g, 19.10 mg/100g, 42.28 mg/100g and 14.93 mg/100g respectively. Amino acid such as lysine (4.18 g/100g), histidine (2.31 g/100g), arginine (4.85 g/100g), aspartic acid (8.61 g/100g), threonine (2.80 g/100g), serine (3.11 g/100g), glutamic acid (11.44 g/100g), proline (3.29 g/100g), glycine (3.47 g/100g), alanine (5.22 g/100g), cystine (1.08 g/100g), valine (4.72 g/100g), methionine (1.40 g/100g), isoleucine (3.22 g/100g), leucine (8.31 g/100g), tyrosine (2.40 g/100g), tryptophan (0.90 g/100g) and phenyl alanine (3.85 g/100g) were found to be abundant in PASO. Vitamin analysis of the test material shows that vitamin E had the highest concentration of 11.67 mg/100g followed by vitamin C (8.56 mg/100g), vitamin A (0.55 mg/100g), vitamin D (0.33 mg/100g), vitamin B3 (0.25 mg/100g), vitamin B1 (0.21 mg/100g), vitamin B12 (0.20 mg/100g), vitamin B6 (0.18 mg/100g), vitamin B5 (0.10 mg/100g), vitamin B2 (0.08 mg/100g), vitamin K (0.08 mg/100g) and vitamin B9 (0.06 mg/100g) respectively. It was concluded that PASO is rich in several nutrients that have numerous health benefits including tissue maintenance, coordination of body functions and other biochemical and physiological functions in the body.

Keywords: Amino acid, Prosopis africana oil, mineral, vitamins, phytochemicals, nutrients, plant

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