Published: 2022-02-22

Page: 397-402


Department of Toy Innovation, Children’s University, Gandhinagar – 382021, India.


Department of Balbhavan, Children's University, Sector-20, Gandhinagar, Gujarat – 382021, India.


Department of Electronics & Communication, Hasmukh Goswami College of Engineering, Ahmedabad, India.

*Author to whom correspondence should be addressed.


The detection of single carrier space frequency block coded (SC-SFBC) in frequency selective wireless is the theme of this paper. Channels with numerous inputs and outputs have ISI, which is caused by the channel's frequency selectivity. An ISI arises in a single carrier SFBC system when the 'quasi-static' fading postulation is as a result of the wireless Multiple Input, Multiple Output channel's frequency selectivity. In this study, we analyze and offer a performance evaluation for interference revocation receivers that reduce ISI in frequency-selective MIMO channels by adopting space frequency block coded single carrier frequency domain equalization (SFBC SC-FDE) (SFBC SC-FDE) (SFBC SC-FDE).

Keywords: Interference, SFBC, and Equalization, frequency domain (FDE)

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VANSDADIYA, R. P., VASOYA, N. H., & VANSDADIYA, N. (2022). DETECTION OF SC-SFBC SIGNALS SENT ABOVE A FREQUENCY-SELECTIVE WIRELESS NETWORK. Asian Journal of Advances in Research, 5(1), 397–402. Retrieved from


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