Published: 2022-04-04

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Department of Microbiology, Faculty of Science, Abeda Inamdar Senior College, Hidayatullahrd, Azam Campus, Camp, 411001, Pune, State Maharashtra, India.


Department of Microbiology, Faculty of Science, Abeda Inamdar Senior College, Hidayatullahrd, Azam Campus, Camp, 411001, Pune, State Maharashtra, India.


Department of Microbiology, Faculty of Science, Abeda Inamdar Senior College, Hidayatullahrd, Azam Campus, Camp, 411001, Pune, State Maharashtra, India.

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All life on earth thought to have aroused from water. Water is most essential part of the life. In today’s busy lifestyle we have forgotten to keep our body maintain, the food we eat and water we drink .To keep our body well maintained its all depend on food and water we drink .Alkaline water is a water with high pH [1-2] and has many health benefits which is higher as compared to regular water. Alkaline water has many properties helps to fight against flu, ageing, tumors, chronic degenerative disorder, it has antidiabetic effect ….. consumption of Alkaline water can modify our lifestyle by detoxifying  excess protein, acid waste  which creates changes in the body .It also has antimicrobial activity on gut and served to reduce pathogenic bacteria. Alkaline water has wide uses in aquaculture and in medical such as for sterilization. Alkaline water wide application on plants which increase shelf life of fruits and vegetables, on animal which increases their weight and milk production.  Alkaline water prevents DNA damage, stops the process of becoming older earlier by shortening the activity of telomeres length, It regulates blood sugar level ,showed a decreased in cholesterol, maintain healthy bones which women’s are at higher risk for calcium deficiency. Most important cancer resistance. Detoxify organic residue present in the body.

Keywords: Alkaline water, ageing, tumor, anti-diabetic, anti-oxidant properties, Cancer, human gut, growth of plants and animal

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