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Published: 2022-12-26

Page: 1267-1278


The General Commission for Scientific Agricultural Research, Lattakia, Syria.


Department of Animal Production, Faculty of Agricultural Engineering, Tishreen University, Lattakia, Syria.


The General Commission for Scientific Agricultural Research, Lattakia, Syria.


Department of Animal Production, Faculty of Agricultural Engineering, Tishreen University, Lattakia, Syria.

*Author to whom correspondence should be addressed.


The main aim of this study was to investigate the effect of exposing fertile eggs of the Syrian local hens during the incubation period to three different light colors, T1 dark (control), T2 blue, T3 green and T4 mix blue with green, with intensity 35 lux. This study was conducted in Syria during the period of 2022 (from 25 June to 22 July). In the experiment, A total of 360 eggs were assigned to four groups, each group 90 eggs has three replicates, using complete randomized design. The results showed that the averages the percentages of the early, late and total embryonic mortality in the four treatments were as follows: T2 (1.11, 2.32, 6.79)%, T3 (0, 3.37, 4.48)%, T4 (0, 2.24, 3.35)% and T1 (2.22, 8.53, 17.54)%. For the embryos weight the values were T2 (1.08, 6.17, 29.67)g, T3 (1.34, 7.45, 30.04)g, T4 (1.52, 7.32, 30.17)g and T1 (1.03, 5.40, 27.79)g. The hatching time at treatment T4 took less hatching time (481.6), compared to the treatment T1 (490.8) hours, and for the hatchability, the hatching rate and the fertility T4 (88.90, 78.65, 75.40)%, T3 (87.11, 76.85, 74.61)%, T2 (85.43, 76.50, 75.04)% and T1 (80.22, 71.42, 69.75)%. And for the weights of the newly hatched chicks and at the age of the first week were T2 (33.38, 115.5)g, T3 (38.56, 108.7)g and T4 (39.11, 119.1)g and T1 (37.35, 100.2)g. The results concluded, the differences statistically significant (p<0.05) were observed among the averages of the three treatments, compared to the control, as a result of using different light colors during the incubation period. Thus, treatment T4 outperformed the rest of the other treatments. These results showed the importance of applying the lighting mix blue with green (Light 12: Dark 12) system and its role in improving the hatching process and the quality of the hatched chicks.

Keywords: LED lights, embryonic, artificial incubation, Syrian local hens

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