Rural Economic Development and Apparel Industry in Sri Lanka


Published: 2023-02-25

Page: 96-114

M. G. Dileepa Lasanthika Weerasinghe *

University of Ruhuna, Sri Lanka.

*Author to whom correspondence should be addressed.


Economic development can be defined as the long-term qualitative and structural change that takes place in an economy. Rural Economic Development is the process of improving the quality and structural development of the rural sector where the economy is at a low. Accordingly, the research question of this research is whether the apparel industry contributes to the rural economic development of Sri Lanka. This research is based on three objectives to find a solution to this problem. And identify solutions that can enhance rural economic development. Under the methodology of this research, a sample of 60 employees of the apparel industry in the Rambukkana Divisional Secretariat was taken and the data was analyzed using detailed statistics and inductive statistics. Factors affecting rural economic development identified the monthly income of a household in the rural sector, savings capacity, level of education, employment in the household, and government subsidies and concluded that the apparel industry contributes to rural economic development. It was also identified that measures should be taken to increase the household income level, increase the educational opportunities in the rural sector and increase the employment opportunities in the apparel industry in order to enhance rural economic development.

Keywords: Rural economic development, apparel industry, economic development, education, household income, qualitative, structural, rural economy, the rural sector, savings, government, employment, employees

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