Dr. Romel G. Solis Carcano

Civil Engineer (University of Yucatán 1980). Master in Engineering-Construction (Autonomous University of Yucatan 1992). He is research and professor at the College of Engineering of the Autonomous University of Yucatan (2000-2018).

In the academic field, he has been graduate coordinator in the construction area (2007-2018) and coordinator of the academic group of Construction (2013- 2018). He has taught courses in the educational programs of Civil Engineering and Masters in Engineering. He has directed 11 bachelor's thesis and 18 master's thesis. He has published 2 books, 63 journal articles and 69 congress articles. He has directed research projects about Concrete Technology, Construction Management, and Construction Risk Prevention. He is a member of the Registration of Accredited Evaluators of the National Council for Science and Technology of Mexico.

In the professional field, he practiced the civil engineering profession for 20 years (1980-1999), in construction project management in the Federal Committee of the School Construction Program of Mexico, in which he directed the construction department. During this period he participated in the planning and execution of more than three thousand school projects in the State of Yucatan, México, in all educational levels, from preschool to higher education.