Developing Localized Reference Intervals for Platelet Indices in South India

Togy Thomas Zacharia

SIMATS, Thandalam, Chennai, India.

Chithra Srinivasan

Department of Pathology, SIMATS, Thandalam, Chennai, India.

Riaz Marakkar

Department of Nursing, Government Nursing college, Ernakulam, India.

*Author to whom correspondence should be addressed.


Introduction: The Platelet Indices (PI) are part of the most frequently done tests in the hospital.  They are considered as biomarkers in  numerous systemic and metabolic diseases. But the real challenge has been to define the clinical cutoffs which enable management based on the  above parameters. So we tried to develop Reference Intervals(RI) for PIs to enable them for clinical use.

Aim: The aim of the study was to develop RIs for the PIs from ostensibly healthy adult males from the local population.

Materials and Methods: 123 healthy adult males between the age 18 to 64, were chosen after screening and their blood samples collected and examined on Sysmex XN1000 cell counter for the PIs.

Results: The mean values of Platelet Count (PC), Distribution width (PDW), Mean Platelet volume(MPV), Plateletcrit (PCT), Large cell Ratio(P-LCR), Immature Platelet Fraction(IPF) and Absolute Immature Platelet Number(AIPN) were 2.58x109/L, 12.3%, 10.2fl, 0.281%, 27.17%,0.682%, and 1551.4 cells. PDW showed a strong positive correlation with MPV (r = 0.937) and P- LCR (r = 0.949). The PLT showed a very strong positive correlation with PCT (r = 0.901). The linear regression analysis of the rest of the PIs with PLT showed an 81% strong predictability for PCT.

Conclusion: The sex specific, instrument specific, localized RIs developed the study was compared to other published studies World over. It was also compared to an Indian and other South Indian studies. It also offers an opportunity for institutions using this cell counter to make use of the above RIs in clinical situations.

Keywords: Platelet Indices, Reference Intervals, IPF, Sysmex XN1000

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Zacharia, T. T., Srinivasan , C., & Marakkar, R. (2023). Developing Localized Reference Intervals for Platelet Indices in South India. UTTAR PRADESH JOURNAL OF ZOOLOGY, 44(22), 269–275.


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