Meta-Analysis of Association of SNP 19 In-del Polymorphism at the CAPN 10 Gene with Type2 Diabetes Mellitus

Kali Charan Mishra

University Department of Zoology, LN Mithila University, Darbhnaga, Bihar, India.

Parul Banerjee *

University Department of Zoology, LN Mithila University, Darbhnaga, Bihar, India.

*Author to whom correspondence should be addressed.


The CAPN 10 gene encoding the larger subunit of the ubiquitously expressing calpain protein has been found to play a role in the incidence of Type2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM). Several intronic polymorphisms of the CAPN10 gene and the linked haplotypic combinations have been implicated in T2DM. The SNP 19 locus of the gene lying within intron 6 exhibits an in-del polymorphism and has been found to be associated with T2DM in several studies. However, the results have not been constant.

Keeping this in view, the present work was carried out to understand the association of the intronic SNP 19 in-del polymorphism at the CAPN 10 gene with T2DM through meta-analysis of the case-control studies. All statistical tests based on PRISMA and PROSPERO were performed on R studio (4.2.3). However, the pooled odds ratio (OR) estimates did not reveal any significant association between polymorphism at the SNP 19 locus of CAPN 10 gene and T2DM.

Therefore, it is concluded that polymorphism at the SNP19 locus of CAPN 10 gene alone has no role to play in the etiology of T2DM.

Keywords: T2DM, CAPN 10 gene, SNP polymorphisms, Case-control association studies, SNP 19, in-del polymorphisms

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Mishra, K. C., & Banerjee , P. (2024). Meta-Analysis of Association of SNP 19 In-del Polymorphism at the CAPN 10 Gene with Type2 Diabetes Mellitus. UTTAR PRADESH JOURNAL OF ZOOLOGY, 45(9), 8–19.


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