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Present study reveals the existence of six species of small, indigenous fish under five genera of family Gobiidae and suborder Gobioidei from freshwater aquatic systems of Paschim Medinipur and Jhargram District of West Bengal. Taxonomy of the species as well as their geographical distribution and diversity is the prime interest of the work. A comprehensive zoogeography of the species in different revenue blocks of the districts has been recorded in details. Hence, the work is a documentation of macro faunal diversity at regional level for freshwater ecosystem of the study area which will be helpful for future researchers and policy planners.

Regional, diversity, small, fish, Gobioidei, Gobiidae.

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SIT, G., JANA, A., & CHANDA, A. (2019). GOBIOID FISH OF PASCHIM MEDINIPUR AND JHARGRAM DISTRICT WEST BENGAL, INDIA. UTTAR PRADESH JOURNAL OF ZOOLOGY, 40(4), 146-153. Retrieved from https://mbimph.com/index.php/UPJOZ/article/view/1452
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