Issues of Efficient Usage of Pastures in the Development of the Cattle Farming Network


Published: 2023-01-27

DOI: 10.56557/upjoz/2023/v44i13394

Page: 81-87

A. J. Musagaliev *

Karakalpak State University, Uzbekistan.

B. T. Shodiev

Karshi Engineering and Economic Institute, Uzbekistan.

*Author to whom correspondence should be addressed.


In the article, the issues of effective use of pastures in the economically stable development of cattle breeding are described from a scientific and theoretical point of view. In particular, as a result of the institutional reforms, structural changes, as well as production modernization measures implemented in Uzbekistan, relatively stable growth of production volume in the field of cattle breeding was highlighted. According to the authors, the effective management of the cattle breeding sector depends first of all on the scientifically based breeding and feeding of the cattle sheep with food based on the ration, and the idea of economic sustainable development based on the introduction of innovative technologies and resource-efficient developments in the management of the field was put forward. In the pastures network, innovative ideas were expressed on the natural preservation of desert-pasture areas and their natural environment, restoration and development of biodiversity.

Keywords: Pasture, cattle, farming network, Issues

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Musagaliev, A. J., & Shodiev, B. T. (2023). Issues of Efficient Usage of Pastures in the Development of the Cattle Farming Network. UTTAR PRADESH JOURNAL OF ZOOLOGY, 44(1), 81–87.


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