Effect of Sex and Different Stocking Density on Local Chicken Performance at Different Ages

Qanie Muhsin Sadiq *

Ministry of Agriculture, Kurdistan, Iraq/ General Directorate of Halabja Agriculture, Iraq.

Shahla Mohammed Saeed Al-Kirkuki

University of Suleimani, College of Agricultural Engineering Science, Iraq.

*Author to whom correspondence should be addressed.


The aim of this study to evaluate the effect of Sex factor (Males, Females and Mix) and two stocking density SD1 (8birds/m2) and SD2 (11birds/ m2) on performance traits of local chicken at different ages. A total of 342 one- day-old of local chicks were hatched and reared in floor cages 2m2 from 1-105 days of age. There for, each cage contained instead to (8 birds/m2) the (16 birds/ 2m2) and instead to (11 birds/m2) the (22 birds/ 2m2). Performance: body weight, daily weight gain, daily feed intake, feed conversion ratio and mortality were recorded for different ages 1-21, 22-49, 50-77 and 78-105 day-old. The results showed that no significant effect of both Sex and stocking density on body weight at hatch, 77 and 150 days of age between. Females at day 21 in both stocking densities and at day 49 of age at SD1 obtained significantly (p<0.05) heavier body weight compared with Males and mix at SD2. Feed conversion ratio were better at SD2 for three Sex factor than SD1 at 1-21 and 22-49 day of age also, at 78-105 day of age the better feed conversion ratio was in Males in SD2 and Mix at SD1 compared with Females at SD2. The mortality% was significantly higher in males and females at SD2 at 50-77 day of age. We conclude from these results that intensive rearing (12 birds/m2) improves weight and feed conversion efficiency in local chickens in Sulaymaniyah Governorate in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.

Keywords: Local chicken, sex, stocking density, performance

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Sadiq, Q. M., & Al-Kirkuki, S. M. S. (2023). Effect of Sex and Different Stocking Density on Local Chicken Performance at Different Ages. UTTAR PRADESH JOURNAL OF ZOOLOGY, 44(13), 60–69. https://doi.org/10.56557/upjoz/2023/v44i133545


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