Published: 2021-12-27

Page: 909-917


Department of Zoology, A.P.A College of Arts and Culture, Palani-624601, Dindigul (D.t), Tamil Nadu, India.


Department of Zoology, A.P.A College of Arts and Culture, Palani-624601, Dindigul (D.t), Tamil Nadu, India.

*Author to whom correspondence should be addressed.


The Western Ghats has distributions different climatic changes in Palani hills of fresh water streams. During pandemic situations to study will be useful to carry physiochemical parameter determinations for the streams of Palani hills in South India. The water quality assessment to help understand the  living  bio-ecological condition of freshwater of streams fishes their struggle for polluted stream water after covid-19 pandemic situation and physiochemical  parameters changes before pandemic and  after pandemic period of  covid-19 spreading in Tamilnadu. Palani hills fresh water streams will be made harmful bio ecological condition of palani hills and living endemic freshwater fishes and its biodiversity was affected and physiochemical parameter of streams of Palani hills in South India is scarce and received more attention during Pandemic situation, the analysis study would be useful to understand the conservation status of freshwater streams of Palani hills and endemic freshwater fishes.

Keywords: Freshwater stream fishes identification, physiochemical parameter analysis, diversity of Palani hills, pandemic period

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